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Madhuri and Tabu Fucking hot sex story

One day Tabu and Madhuri, both bitches hungry for each others bloody boobs after a quarrel over a film, met in a hotel. While madhuri was with her husband, tabu was on date with salmaan khan. The moment tabu saw madhuri, she started abusing her shouting at her.. Madhuri could not bear this and slapped tabu hard, right in the middle of her face.. tabu, humiliated at this tried to slap back but the hotel manager and the viewers

stopped the fight.. but Tabu complained that this was not fair.. Even madhuri wanted to have her piece of revenge. So even manager thought of a trick for his customers. He suggested a strip quiz to get it decided and settled.. Tabu, being very good in general knowledge, agreed to it readily. But Madhuri was not willing to accept the solution, but refusing to play would have meant defeat accepted so Madhuri too agreed, though very afraid of the strange game.. So game started, Two platforms with tables were made and both the ladies made to stand on each one. Then the manager of the hotel was made the judge and he came to announce the rules. He too was very excited and he announced " Ladies and gentleman, today we have two heroines of the bollywood, who claim to be at the top. However it is an open issue that which one is the better. So apart from their acting we would be testing them on their IQ." The audience applaused a bit. The manager continued "To
make the game interesting, the rules would be bit tough for the ladies. Now let us announce the rules... ". Audience waited a bit eagerly.

The manager continued "The ladies will be asking each other a question alternatly..... if the other lady is not able to answer correctly then the winner can have ONE cloth from the looser's costume of the WINNER's choice...." The audience applaused.. while there were no marks of surprise or fear on Tabu's face... but Madhuri was almost shaking with fear, though she tried to look confident. The Manager continued trying to silence the audience "The winner lady can to silence the audience "rule 2: the lost cloth will be removed from the looser's body by the winner's man.." at this there was a bigger applause.. Salmaan looked hungrily at Madhuri's body top to down.. Madhuri shivered, thinking forward some moments. 

Also this rule brought some lines of frown on Tabu's head. Manager went to rule 3 "Next rule, the winner of a cloth, can order any punishment to the looser, after EACH QUESTION, though no physical contact is allowed.. ".. Hearing that audience broke into biggest applause.. Even Madhuri's husband started bit of claping, but for madhuri was having hard time controlling her bladder this time. Even Tabu thought that she had made some mistake by accepting the game. The announcer continues "After loosing all the clothes the body of the contestent would be at stake, and if she looses her body.. she looses the game and would be the slave for the winner of her body and soul for the rest of the evening.."... The audience sat eagerly waiting for the game to begin.
Madhuri tried to resist that the rules were too much but salmaan intervened quickly, least should Tabu say so.. He challenged Madhuri "If u feel u do not want to play with the rules, u must accept defeat". This shut Madhuri to silence, as her inner self never allowed her to accept defeat.

The announcer came forward again, and asked each lady to take their position on the tables. madhuri stood on the right table while Tabu preferred the left one. Now the manager cum judge came forward for a toss, Madhuri asked for heads and she won. That meant that madhuri would have a first go at one
of the Tabu's clothes. The announcer announced the result of the toss and continued "The game will begin in 5 mins, but before that i will ask each of both ladies individually to announce the pieces of cloth they are wearing EXACTLY." Laying the emphasis on word EXACTLY he handed the microphone to Madhuri. Madhuri began "I am wearing a pink saree.......". The manager interupted. "Is that all u r wearing, lady... pls be exact". Madhuri resisted "pls, how can i do that".. Announcer said "u have to to avoid cheating" and madhuri's face turned red and her further protests were shadowed by audience demand and applause. She began " i am wearing a pink saree, contrast blouse in green, a petticoat and,.... err of my undergarmets "... Announcer said "Pls be exact"... Madhuri said "ok.. undergarments include bra and panties "... 

This had loud applause from audience and madhuri blushed at the humiliation. It was tabu's turn now and she needed no more explanation "I am wearing, white top and blue jeans, as u see and of course bra and panties. And i will win" saying this tabu waived her hands and this brought applause from crowd and nervousness on the face of Madhuri. The hands of both ladies were tied above their heads to avoid their interruption So the game began and madhuri asked her first question. "So Tabu, how many bones does a human body have?" This question came as a surprise to Tabu as she was expecting some arts and culture based question from madhuri.. however she tried to seem confident and answered " it is 352

The answer brought gleam in eyes of madhuri's husband.. The manager said "Wrong answer.. it is 206.. so madhuri, what do want from tabu's costume?" Madhuri jumped with joy and "I want the bitch's pants" Tabu blushed Manager Announced".. madhuri's man will do that". Tabu was taken
aback by this but had to follow the rules. So madhuri's husband went to tabu. He had to go up on his toes to reach helpless tabu's waist. he unbuttoned her jeans and pulled down the zipper. Tabu's white panties printed with small red roses peeped into view. 

Madhuri's husband again went up on his toes to embedd his thumbs in tabu's jean's waistband to pull the jeans down. While all this tabu tried to look up at the ceiling and trying to show as if nothing was happening. But suddenly her expressions changed to fear and face became red and she started violently trying to get her hands free from her bonds. Actually tabu's panties got stuck in her jeans and started coming down too with them. This exposed Tabu's black pubes to the whole crowd. Tabu started crying and shouting, but madhuri's husband was engrossed in getting her jeans to her ankles. luckily for tabu, her jeans left her panties at her upper thighs so her nudity and charms were not exposed completly to the world... but had enough pubes for the public to see and admire. Tabu kept on shouting and crying for foul.

The manager and judge noticed the mishappening and told madhuri's husband to pull up the panties for tabu. So he did, but tabu was in tears for the exposure and having panties pulled up by a man, staring at her crotch, in front of the whole world. Now manager ordered tabu to lift her legs and a bit to have her jeans removed completly and so tabu did. Now tabu stood there with her panties open for the room to see. Now came the punisment. Tabu's hands were untied. Madhuri ordered "Tabu bend down at ur waist and touch ur toes, but keep ur knees straight..." tabu did as she was told to.

Now turn around to face ur back to the public. At this moment tabu realized what was madhuri up to. As she did rotate on her toes, she realized that her ass was up in the air and her buttocks exposed to the whole world. She stood like that for abt 2 minutes seemingly hours for tabu. She stood like that
till one man from audience commented that her panty was caught in her crack. Tabu jumped up and stood back. However manager announced that punishment for Tabu was over. Her hands were tied up again and it was Tabu's turn to have revenge for all humiliation Madhuri had forced on her.

Tabu desperate to get her revenge, searched for a difficult question.. She asked Madhuri "Which is the deepest ocean of the world?". madhuri was delighted for the answer for she was confident of the answer.. she blurted out "Indian Ocean". Tabu felt on top of the world on the answer... she was delighted and said "wrong... ha ha. it is pacific ocean...".. and that sent a cool current up the madhuri's spine.. for Salmaan it was on the ninth cloud...Tabu tactically demanded "i want ur petticoat,madhuri "... Madhuri awstruck protested.."How can u do that, it is a cheating.. u have to go sequencially".. but the judge corrected "No such rule, pls"... The crowd now knew they are in for something spicy and were applauding and cheering salmaan. Madhuri now understood that tabu had got her by her cleverness... without her petticoat her saree will fall uselessly... and now use waist down for her.

Salmaan proceeded towards madhuri with shine in his eyes.. madhuri pleaded to tabu for changing her demand, but tabu insisted... now salmaan was there. Instead of pulling the saree, he inserted his hand under madhuri's petticoat and saree.. madhuri protested but to no avail. No body would hear her. Madhuri by now had started crying... tears rolling down.. as salmaan's arm continuing to rise inside maadhuri's clothes... seeming as if a snake moving up to the audience.. and with each inch move the applaud increased. Madhuri
tried to join her legs as close as she could. Salmaan's hand moved up... to her knees and her lower thighs and further up and....... Madhuri stumbled for the tingling due to the invador on her thighs. Madhuri's knees were shaking and felt weak..

By now salmaan's hands reached the top.. maybe on madhuri's panties as madhuri's tears now became more fast. Salmaan searched for madhuri's petticoat's string and soon got it... Madhuri's expressions now changed.. she looked pleadingly at salmaan. But salmaan had an evil look and smile at
his face... he turned towards the public and asked "khol diya jaye ki chod diya jaaye"... Madhuri pleaded at this humiliation "pls... pls..." But who would listen... she shouted but crowd unanimously shouted "kholo... kholo"... Salmaan looked at madhuri now. And asked "tum bolo".. madhuri said
"pls leave me"... Salmaan said..."ok... if u tell me and crowd why to leave then i will... and u have only one chance... and u will have to say what ur condition will be if i pulll ur nada (string)"... She said "Meri saari utar jayegi aur... pls..." Salmaa said "bolti hai ki kheechoon",,, "pls panty bhi

dikh jayegi... pls "... salmaan said... "okk... chal chod deta hoon".. he took a step back and madhuri gave sigh of releif... but as she had finished salmaan gave a violent jerk to his hand and madhuri's saree became loose at her waist... madhuri started struggling to get her bonds to get her hands
free... but that only resulted in getting her saree more loose and now her belly button started peeping out...Salmaan moved her hands to make her string more loose... this soon brought results out. Now salmaan's hand were visible along with madhuri's waistband.. madhuri's tears had dried and her
eyes were shut now.. soon her saree dropped and slowly her white panties came to open view of public. Her petticoat came down once salmaan removed his hand... now madhuri stood motionless with her panties only piece protecting her waist down. she was helpless and quiet... but not for long as

Tabu asked madhuri her punishment "now madhuri will suck salmaan off, but will take his shoot on her face ".. this set madhuri pleading again.. but she knew it was no use... Crowd aplauded..tabu smiled... madhuri's hands were untied... salmaan climbed the table and madhuri started to unbutton him to bring his erection out... she sucked him by his mouth and soon salmaan had his load on her face. he took his hand and rubbed the cum al over her face, nose and hair... Madhuri could not even react to her humiliation.

Now punishment over, and madhuri tied back.. salmaan off the table. Tabu started again "Salmaan see Madhuri is senior to u, and her panties r showing.... have decency to tie her saree in her panties, pls" Madhuri did not knew this was to come... it was a surprise to her... she cried again for she knew what was to come... salmaan quik picked up her saree, got up on his
toes and pulled her panty down to show her top of the pubes... and inserted the saree into the panty with his hand... madhuri was humiliated again...

And now she waited for her turn to get tabu... madhuri could feel her saree touching her bare thighs. She was sure a considerable amount of skin was visible thru the saree. But she was helpless. her hands tied above her head, her petticoat lost to a clever tabu... and espeacially the humiliation, a man tucking her saree into her panties. It was too much for her to cry. All she wanted was her revenge and she was thinking hard.

The judge announced turn of madhuri "Now ms. tabu is bound to answer Mrs. madhuri, r u ready, tabu?"...Tabu nodded, madhuri started "Which is the best conductor of electricity?".. Tabu thought for a while and answered "I think it is copper".. Madhuri exclaimed quickly "go to hell with ur thought.... ha
ha ha ha. ". "it is silver... ".. Tabu knew this time she would have a tough time with Madhuri. "okk.." was all that tabu could mumble. Madhuri's husband was almost at tabu now. "make her remove her top".. tabu blushed but was releived somewhat that madhuri had not played any trick and since madhuri
could have asked for worse than her top... her panty. but tabu survived and lucky to have her panties on herself. 

However her thoughts were broken as madhuri's husband climbed the table and after untying her hands had her top off her body... leaving tabu with only her skimpy white bra and panties on
her body. Madhuri's husband now looked towards madhuri who announced tabu's punishment "first tie her hands...".. Tabu's hands were tied. Tabu got confused. she had thought madhuri will get her in some fix. but it seemed she had waived her punishment too.

But soon her doubts were to be gone.Madhuri continued "Now tabu, i want u to pee, in a glass, standing where u r and then u will...... ha ha ... and drink it too". This saw colour go off Tabu's face... Crowd applauded and cheered. Tabu now knew her plight would be. but she regained some wit and tried to protest "See u bitch, u have no right to ask me such a thing... i
am yet not lost my panties to u and u cannot ask me to remove that for doing anything"... Madhuri replied back "ohh.. i do not want u to remove ur panties... i want u to pee like a two yr old girl, who looses control over her bladder... ha ha ". The judge nodded in Madhuri's favour and this brought a blush on face of Tabu thinking for what was to come. She thought she would loose control of her bladder then and there, but she controlled

Judge kept a glass between tabu's feet and said "Start tabu".. This sent a chill up tabu's spine, but she had no choice or to admit defeat. She closed her eyes stood, lost and leaving her bladder free for first time... but her leak would not come out. Judge said "pls be fast, we do not have much time
here". nothing moved no sound... everybody watching tabu. Madhuri started by making noises " shoooo... shooo..." and part of crowd joined in. Tabu pushed hard on her bladder and suddenly it broke out... the stream broke thru tabu's panties. Tabu still had eyes pressed close.. pain evident on her
face. While her her pee dropped (not flying because of her panties), making her panties wet and semi transparent... some flowing down her along her thighs to her sandle.. Her pubes were partially visible.. Tabu felt like a 2 yr old girl... Her bladder continued to flow... by now her tears had also
started falling on her bra... As the flow from between tabu's thighs came to breaking flow.. the glass was half full with a spool of yellow liquid all on the table.

Now tabu could remember what was the second part of the punishment. She could not beleive madhuri was serious. she hoped she was not. But after Tabu's bladder was empty and glass almost 3/4th full... Madhuri quickly set Tabu on humiliation again.. Madhuri told her husband to have tabu drink the glass without dropping... He (Madhuri's husband) climbed the table, picked up the glass and told tabu to drink it like a good girl, but Tabu refused. tabu moved back on the table as much as she could with her hands tied above.
Now madhuri's husband cornered her and got the glass to Tabu's mouth. Now Tabu could not bear it. He went behind her his hands holding tabu across her. he closed tabu's nose with one hand. This forced tabu to open her mouth within a minute and he started dropping her own pee into her mouth... 

Tabu had no choice but to gulp it down, as she was already out of air and gasping for it. Some liquid dropped on her bra and belly, making it wet. Tabu finished the contents in 5 gulps.. She had to.. He held her nose bit longer to have tabu... gulp her own urine down her food pipe completly. Then finally he released her.. Tabu coughed and gasped fast for air... 

She wanted to vomit.. but she could not.. Tabu finally wet from her own urine and have been forced to drink it.. stood there now broken and humiliated before the hall full of people. Madhuri had taken her revenge. Tabu stinking with her own urine's smell, her panties almost wet completly showing of a lot and her
bra too bearing smell of her liquid. Tabu could feel that the taste in her mouth would stay forever.

Tabu broken and drenched in her own piss, some of her piss drops dropping from her wet panty, wanted to make Madhuri plead for her mercy in the coming question. Madhuri was happy that she had taken more than her piece in Tabu's pride. But madhuri knew tabu was clever and she would get her on her knees if she couldn't answer the question right. However judge announced that it was now turn of Tabu to ask the question.

Tabu raised her head, still stinking badly with urine, and looked sharply into madhuri's eyes. Tabu began "Which human body organ can grow on its own even if it is cut?".. Madhuri thought a while..... and answered "It is nails"... At this tabu screamed "ha ha Nail is not an organ u bitch... it is
liver"... At this madhuri tried to protest "Even nail grows back.." But judge cut her "I agree, nails are not organs, Tabu has won the question"..
Salmaan moved forward lust in his eyes.. Madhuri shivered.. Tabu, though not smiling, had evil brightness, a sparkle of revenge in her eyes.

Tabu coolly "i want ur panties, madhuri". This startled madhuri, because her panties were only there to hold her saree after her petticoat was with tabu. Though her panties had not been able to support her saree well, her saree had slided considerable amount below her navel, maybe if one or two inches
more, they would have revelaed her pubes too. Though a slight line of small hairs was still visible to the audience who looked closely.

Salmaan moved towards madhuri. Madhuri started pleading "pls... nono no..." and Salmaan put his hand under her saree. At this madhuri threw her head helplessly to her side. She knew she could not help it out. Salmaan's hand moved up and up.. Only difference from earlier was that this time his hand was visible from translucent saree of madhuri. As the hand reached the top and salmaan caught the waist band of her panties... Madhuri screamed "plss... noooooooo ".. But the crowd and salmaan and Tabu enjoyed her screaming too and madhuri tried to hide her face by pressing them behind her tied arms. She knew of the consequence a minute later. Soon Salmaan's hand started it's journey down. This time with her panties getting pulled. Soon madhuri's saree became loose and started crumbling down from the waist. Bit by bit her whole pubes were exposed for whole world to see. 

Madhuri had now stopped asking for mercy. Soon salmaan had her panty in his hand. He just flung it and after that her panty hung on salmaan's shoulder. Madhuri's saree was at her ankles. But everybody was looking at dense black pubes of madhuri now fully out of all curtains.. though bit of her right thigh was hidden by her saree hanging from her shoulder. Madhuri was humiliated, but she knew lot more was to come. She still had to face the punishment that tabu will announce.

Tabu needed her revenge and she was to have her piece. She seemed like a wounded lioness with madhuri tied in front of her as a goat, helpless but worse than a prey. For a prey knows that the it will get a dignified end, but madhuri did not knew what was to come ahead. In fact she was sure, that whatever be it.. it will be very humiliating in front of the whole crowd.

Madhuri having already lost her petticoat and panty to tabu, rendering her saree useless as far as her bottoms were concerned, madhuri was standing exposing her pubes and her modesty exposed to the whole world to see. And worse for her, she was at tabu's mercy, for tabu was about to announce her punishment.

Tabu thought for a while for she wanted to have her revenge. Not long ago, had tabu been forced to pee in her panties, like a 2 yr old in front of the gathering and was also forced to have the glass full of it. The bitter stink and taste of that still persisted in her mouth. A sweeper came out to clean the mess Tabu had created. Tabu signalled the sweeper to wait. Tabu finally began "Madhuri, u had me taste my pee, but i will not be that bad to u, to have u taste ur own pee" This sent waves of surprise through the crowd. Many people had thought that this would be the most likely punishment Tabu will announce for madhuri.. It even surprised madhuri a bit and she felt a bit releived. However Tabu continued "Madhuri, u will have it.... u will have to lick clean my table with ur tounge" Hearing this the mood of the crowd suddenly changed, from that of surprise and confusion to that of chearing

and applause. Many of them had never seen such a fight of two ladies pride going on. In fact many had not expected this fight to go this way. Not even the two participants and their men.

Madhuri had clouds of humilation over her expressionless face by now. She was staring at Tabu for what she had been asked to do. She could not have imagined that she would ever have to lick clean other woman's leak. As if this was not enough, tabu added "Salmaan, i do not think the bitch will like
taste of MY PEE..." putting great emphasis on last two words... She continued "Madhuri, why don't u masturbate the sweeper with ur mouth... " Tabu had to stop as the roar from the crowd raised above her voice in the microphone... After roar had subsided a bit tabu continued "But i would not be too hard... u will not take sweeper's cum in ur throat..." tabu waited a
while for letting confusion again creep into minds and then continued "You will let all his shoot drop to the table and using ur both hands u will mix the puddle created by my leak and his shoot.... And i want u to lick clean ur hands and my table with ur sweet pink tounge and be fast.. and i am sure u will enjoy the taste too.. ha ha "..

Madhuri knew she was in trouble now. She pleaded but to know use. She pleaded "i would lick the table clean... but... but... pls do not have me take a sweeper into my mouth.. " but tabu was unmoved and madhuri soon knew that she was having no choice.

Her hands were untied. First thing she used her hands was to pick up her saree. She exposed her secret lips and her leftover dignity for all of us to see as she bent down to gather her saree from all over her desk and under it. She held the saree with her hands. She used her hands in place of her petticoat to hold her saree... but they would not hide her back globes... her nude buttocks which were visible from her thin saree. She got down from her desk and proceeded towards Tabu's desk.

Madhuri had pleading blank look in her eyes as she reached and stood besides the Tabu's table. She looked at the table... It had a lot of yellow liquid on it (Since only half of the glass of pee was dropped into the glass). But madhuri never expected any mercy from tabu. Madhuri knew that she had asked
for it and now she herself was going to taste it.

The sweeper had a gleam in his eyes. He had never dreamed that Madhuri would suck him off and drink his cum. At this point sweeper stepped forward and Madhuri gave him a look full of hatred. Madhuri was going to suck the second dick in the day, both of which she was forced to, but this was of a SWEEPER. Her face was already getting sticky with drying cum of salmaan.. all over.. but that was very far from madhuri's thought at the moment. At this moment The announcer intervened "Pls Madam, we do not have all the time in the
world" madhuri bent down on her knees. Her buttoks came out from her saree. Madhuri had to leave her saree from her hands to get sweeper's dick out.. She tucked the saree in her triangle. She fished out sweeper's black erect dick from his pants. and without waiting put it into her mouth.. She had tears in her eyes. She closed her eyes and they flowed down her cheek. She started moving her mouth over sweeper's dick. He was fully erect and very soon was on verge of ejaculation. He motioned madhuri and madhuri took it out of her mouth, stood up holding her saree with her one hand and held
black dick in her other hand. Madhuri had a blank look in her eyes. Her buttoks as well as rear side of her fleshy thighs was already peeping out of her saree, both seprated by a deep line where her thighs and buttock met.

She held the dick as it splutered out a thick white cream shot onto the table.. landing in the puddle of yellow liquid.... After a while madhuri stood there blankly staring at the puddle besides tabu's feet.. hoping for a wonder that tabu changed her mind. But no such thing was going to happen and Tabu told madhuri to be fast.

Madhuri knew she will have to leave her saree, since she had to use both her hands.. she tried to stick them between her thighs but... it slipped down and madhuri was in same state... lot showing between her thighs. With her eyes close she put her hand in the puddle and mixed Tabu's pee and sweeper's
cum for abt 2 mins. Then she bent down and started licking it. She was crying and her tears also got lost in the puddle. She seemed like a old bitch licking out. In fact some people saw her with pity, but some hard ones continued to cheer and taunt madhuri. One went to extent of describing madhuri as a bitch and gave detailed description of her buttocks. Madhuri quietly tried to ignore it. She had the pee into her nose and hairs. And
almost all of her face and chin dipped into tabu's pee... she was licking hard... She did not want to continue it long. Her unshaven pussy lips were also visible to the whole world as she bent. She used to get up after every few seconds to get a gasp of fresh breath. As madhuri was licking near tabu's feat, tabu kept her foot over madhuri's head... pressing her face
into the puddle... Madhuri tried to resist but tabu did not take it up till madhuri coughed due to lack of air... The stinking liquid mixture had got into tabu's nostrils... It took madhuri abt 10 mins to finish the licking. She rose her face after cleaning the table.. but her face showed the puddle... It was dripping... It was stinking... madhuri walked back to the
table without caring to pick up her saree... she dragged it along... she climbed the table and gave a glimpse of her inner secrets yet again... She was broken and humiliated... The game had turned into a policy of attack.. Tabu had her piece this time. Madhuri looked like a perfect bitch. Her hands were tied yet again.
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Tamanna Takes on Love to Sex

Being the most popular beautiful busy and sexy hot actress, tamanna now is unhappy about her upcoming film's postpones and the refusal of directors to give her 1 crore for her call sheet.Truly, this is not the right approach for the most popular and beautiful actress of kollywood.Her cute eyes triangled face her white pale skin and her hot chilly red lips just surpass the 1 crore mark.

So she decided to have a break up in her filming and spend some time lonely.She decided to go to switzerland and spend some time there.Since it was a personally motivated trip she went alone.After landing in switzerland she called a taxi and went to a luxury hotel, booked a room and took a nice little nap.

After waking up from the nap,she went to the streets os the swiss and just roamed across.She was wearing a tight white jean with green shirt which was a zipper type.Even the guys living there dropped their jaw low in respect to this scintillating beauty and thought that she was their country girl due to the whiteness.The scene of the zip jumping across her chest when walkiing and her sexy walk with her hands at her pockets situated on her ass cheeks made the guys cum at the moment they saw.

As always due to her wide stardom in the field she was surrounder by a crowd of fans even in the streets of swiss.She gave the usual annoying look of the older and younger ones coming to her with a stupid grin begging like dogs for a photo with her and some idiotic looks from the old guys who would stare at her deep sexy impressive and gorgeous navel which is a god's gift and one of the best in the kollywood town.She was sweating in the shirt and had some patches of soaked shirt.Feeling discomfort and disgusted she quickly ignored the crown with a flaunting sexy smile and went back to the hotel.

But on her way to the hotel she decided to hang out for a while in a pub and enjoy herself in the disco-the.She went there and sat on the chair and enjoyed the ambiance of the hall.She ordered for a couple of drinks and then went to the disco arena and started dancing with the guys and ladies out there.But the problem is that she did not have any partner so she had to do it.

So she searched for a partner.All of them were foreigners but she did not feel secure.So she searched for an indian or at least an asian.There were some indians hanging around.But most of them were old ones who were staring at her and were asking for autographs and photographs with a stupid grin.Fortunately, she was able to find a perfect partner who is good looking and has a nice body.

Interestingly,he was the only guy who just said hi and returned to his place calmly and just enjoyed the drink.He looked calm and composed and very strong in his mind.Without her knowing,she fell interested in that guy and started moving towards him.Her heels touching the floor with a single move did not make a sound signified that she felt awkward.She went near him and said "Excuse me if u don't mind,can u hook up with me in the disco_the?"."Oh with pleasure" said the man.The man reached his hands streched for holding her hands.Tamanna gave her hands to him with a smile in gratitude.Both of them walked to the disco hall.While going to the hall tamanna asked about him and his personal life."I am Jorfan Evin living in chennai.I am married and i'm 28 yrs of age.I'm a business man just came here to relax my mind."said the unknown man.

"You are beautiful if u were halter tops and tube tops, tamanna" said Evin in a cool and strong tone which mesmerized tamanna. Both of them raised on to the stage where many people have been dancing and doing some real hard fucking in the corners.Tamanna still did not see these things.Tamanna took his hands with hers and started to move and sway her body according to the beats of the music all the time gazing at the looks of the body this man had got.His well shaven face strong body made him special but more than that his attitude he showed towards tamanna was impressive.Soon the song began to catch up and both of them danced and had a good time.Then for the last special theme in that pub it was the rain of alcohols from the ceiling.The DJ asked for some noise and support as the count down ended and alcohol poured down from the ceiling.

The first drop which fell down hit tamanna on her long sexy forehead and glided down smoothly to the side of the eyebrows and went above her nose and slipped across the lips and took a escape through her shirt and hit the bra at the nipples which made a small soaked patch there.Then the sounds rose turning on the party at high voltage for the last 30 mins.Every body were dancing and enjoying the alcohol falling down.The shirt was drenched and her erect nipples were urging to come out from her shirt.Evin was able to see her erect nipples while tamanna was enjoying the dance.But the drinks and the aroma of the alcohol and the ambiance turned on both Evin and Tamannah.

Now tamannah moved her long thin fingers from Evin's shoulders to his neck and then to his chest.Evin who kept his hands on the most sexiest part of tamanna, her waist was pushed above to her face by her hands.Both of them were aroused,their attraction towards each other and the surrounding turned them on.Tamanna was able to see his eyebrows standing up and also his cock poking his pants while Evin was able to see her nipples erect and her waist moving in circles.Both of them locked their eyes and smirked at each other.
Tamanna raised one of her eyebrow and looked at him.

"UUUM" tamanna pulled evin closer and planted a kiss in his lips. Evin also kissed her back in passion as both of them pulled themselves close to each other and stuck their tongue out and started caressing each others tongue."UUWAAGUMM" both the tongues just rolled across each other with saliva sticking on to is tongue and his teeth.Both were bringing their bodies more close to each other.Tamanna wanting more support quickly jumped and got hold of his waist with her legs.She pulled him closer even more.He recieved her ass cheeks made it stick his hands and he gave her the thrust against him."UUUWAHMUU" both of dragged their mouth away for a sec and resumed their fierce kissing.

The tongues rolled across one other their teethes bit each others tongue and licked their upper throats."ussssh" their lips opened the way for their tongue.In th end their pace slowed down their lips tasted each others buds for the last time so slowly.Their toungue kissed each other's end their lips separated slowly with their sticky saliva dripping and connecting each others lips.As the music ended, tamanna dripped down from his hold and stood there gazing her eyes into his.Both of their lips were wet waiting for an other chance to lick each other.

Both of them left the pub and called a taxi and came to know that both were in the same hotel which pleased tamanna even more.But still Ervin was calm and strong in his mind as he was which aroused her and made him more attractive for her.But something in them blocked them from having another fucking things.They went around swiss for a couple of days together.

As the third day commenced,Tamannah woke up at 9 AM as she slept late since she kept on thinking about Evin and herself.Especially,the kiss they shared in the pub was reverting her mind.Her heart would pound faster whenever she thought of this.After that beautiful incident,they were not able to do it again.It was may be that he was married or something else that blocked their sexual desires.After waking up,she ordered a cup of coffee and went to the balcony for a little sight seeing.She placed her whity pearl hands on the rung and supported herself on it and eased her ass which busted back a little.

"TICK TICK"the door knocked "Mam i'm the room boy ur cofee? said the boy."Ya come in"said tamanna standing still in the same position.The boy opened the door and turned to see her.Even though he was an swiss he was amazed at the sight and got a hard on the moment he saw her.He dropped his jaw on seeing her ass just pose for him.Her bent knees made the ass to pound back even more.The tightest ass he could have ever witnessed.She also changed her hands on which supported the chin which made a slight movement in her ass.The pink tight 3\4th pant made it too perfect for the ass to be the best attire.The line of the cloth which was between the ass cheeks made it more vulnerable to the boy as he began to rub over his cock.

Meanwhile Evin was on his way to her room.After arriving at the room he found that the room boy was stealthily behind tamanna.He quickly rushed to him and beat him and warned him.After witnessing this tammana.s love and his love got even more intense."OH thank u evin" cried tamanna as she leaned on his chest for a little hug from him.She hugged him taightly and drenched his shirt with her tears.Tamanna asked him to accompany her for a 4 day trek to the sanetsch a mountain in the swiss alps.Both of them packed the things and started their trek from the low hills.The first day night they were able to travel half of their destination.The beautiful place of sanetsch was simply too good for tamanna as she lost her mind in the deafening forest and grassland.

Soon the sun settled down as Evin started to make the tent for their stay.He told her and went into the forest for collecting fuel wood.Tamanna was enjoying herself in the lake bathing there with her shirts on.Being an inhibited area human life was spotted here and there.But due to the wooden pole stuck on her shirt which she did not realize, her bra got torn apart as she was trying to make her way out of the lake.The young men from the woods watching this were turned on immediately as they began to march towards her.

After realizing that her bra was torn she covered it with her hands in shame and started moving towards the half build tent.As she saw the looks of the young men walking towards her she was sure that they were not in a mood to help her.She quickened her pace but the inhabitants were more faster than her as the first one to reach her pulled her down as an lion hunting a deer.Soon the others members joined the party.Tammana closed her eyes in disgust and made her hands firmly pressing her tight soft boobs.But the wild men who were longing for hard brutal fuck easily pulled her hands off her b reast.As the leader pulled her hands off the next 2 men who arrived just started to taste this beautiful deer by bitting her nipples and slapping her tits brutaly.The white breasts of tamanna turned pinkish red."AAAAAH MY GOD WAHT THE FUCK UWWAGH" tamanna's scream was cut short as the 4th man choked her neck making her to beg for breath.Soon the leader went for her trekking pants and removed it.

"wwwuahh naotas" tamanna tried to scream for help but his strong grapple was not allowing her.Both the men who were licking and slapping her breasts now changed their breasts and kissed it and sucked her nipples."SLURP SLURP" the raw flesh muscles which was being sucked by these 2 men created the sounds which was not even crossing the woods.One of them pulled her nipples and then swallowed it fully and caressed her nipples.Even though it was a pleasure for her she felt embarassed and wanted men of top calliber to fuck her.She tried to shout but cant.Whenever she tried she was slept hardly at her face and also at her breasts.The leader who was undressing her pants after seeing the slaps went near her face and saw her being tortured.

He loved this more than fucking a women.He ordered more slappings from the man choking her and also slapped her continuosly at her cheeks.He could see her tears coming from her eyes going straight to the nippleas which were licked by the men sucking her breasts."Oh yaeh u like it fuck damn suck those breasts hard guys i wanna see her cry more." shouted the leader.He suddenly started her slowly for a while and then kissed her liske a beast.This was certainly not a tamed one as she could fell this as the disgusting sex in her life.She was being damaged by these men.Her mouth was bit hardly,her breasts licked,her neck choked and liked heavily.

Quickly after a hard disgusting kiss,The leader shifted his attention back to here pants and continued his removing process.He finally was able to remove her pants.He quickly pushed the pants down to her ankle and stared closely at her pussy with his lips just an inch away.

The guys were tormenting her.The leader smelt the aroma along with the smell of her pussy.He took a deep breathe in before he is going to make her bleed.Tammana who is a kissa was made a whore now.Just as he poked his tongue out to lick it, she raised her leg up and hit him directly in his face with her shoes.The shoe's trace was stamped on his face.The soles were pretty hard which made his face turn pink.

Suddenly the atmosphere was made quiet.The men were looking at their leader still without even leaving a breath. Then the leader stared at her after rubbing his forehead.He then shouted something which was not understood by tamanna.Then the guys turned to her and stared at her. Quickly the men who were sucking her nipples stood up and turned her down and made her lie on them such that she is facing the ground.

Her breasts were loose due to their constant sucking.They fell perfectly on the 2 guys.They then continued their sucking as tamanna began to sob again.She was literally flying now.Suddenly the leader whispered something to the other one who was then strangling her.He then quickly moved across her neck and sat on her neck as if he was riding an elephant.He then grabbed her hair with one hand and started stretching it.While with the other hand he strangled her again.
"UUUUWAGGH" tamanna who was breathing deeply was strangled suddenly as she suffocated a closed air flow which resulted in spitting saliva on the ground.

But the guy paused for a second as he undressed himself.He then resumed his treatment with jerking his cock.Watching all these things,the leader was not able to get out from that shameful experience.So he then removed his shirt went near the lake and drenched it.Soon he came and stood behind her ass cheeks.Saying some passionate sentences he slapped tamanna's ass cheeks with the drenched cloth with an ultimate force."WWWWWWAUGGGHH" saliva splashed out from her mouth that it hit the guys in the front.Since being an woolen cloth which was drenched it gave a severe pain on her ass cheeks.Not pausing a second the ass cheeks were treated brutally.Slaps after slaps the ass cheeks were turned reddish.She was spanked like an hungry beast as she was left with no energy.The sweats thru her eyebrows dripped through her chin and went to the breasts which fell on the 2 men who were sucking.She was experiencing raw sex now.AS she was ...............

As she was being cornered by sex, she also felt the pain.The pain of the raw tortures made by these men were unable to be resisted.Just as the leader poked his tongue out to lik the ass cheeks,"THUMP" he was hammered from behind.To the much anticipation of tamanna it was Evin who hit the leader with the fuelwood.He then quickly hit the other three guys who were playing with the sex queen and the popular idol of south india.

He then quickly woke up tamanna by just patting her face and asked her to go to the tent.She quickly rushed to the tent.But now Evin was facing the danger of the 4 guys.He was fighting hardly with them while tamanna in the tent was praying.But he was getting more blows from the guys.He then quickly grabbed a stick from the ground and knocked them on their heads. Bleeding heavily all went back to their village naked.He quickly ran towards the tent to see what happened to tamanna.He made the tent properly and lit the firewood.It was 8 in the night now.

There were not a single word shared as tamanna went to sleep before he could come and he was guarding just standing infront of the tent.Some sound occured inside the tent.He saw tamanna waking up with nude breasts.She quickly covered it with her arms as he looked at him.He then gave his shirt to her.He asked her about what happened.And she told it with loads of tears.Then it was 9:30 in the night.Both had a small dinner and started to make bed.After making the bed he went to low the firing.After that,he came inside the tent to sleep.

All these incidents were making them more bonded.They were unable to stop staring each other.The ambiance was so calm and tensed which increased their adrenaline secretions. Tamanna quickly pushed Evin towards her and pushed his lip towards her and kissed him on his lips.Soon his mouth opened and then closed with her lips in between.While she also did the same and the saliva were shared as both were wet.Soon this was carried emotionally.Soon she jumped and placed her ass on his cheeks and wrapped him around his wasit.She then let her tongue out which just licked the lips of Evin.Then both of them began to kiss passionaely as the tent was reverberating with the moans of tamanna.Their tongues rolled over other and kissed deeper.Tamanna leaned down to plant her kiss even more as she licked his throat wall with his effort as he raised her ass up which made her easy to do it.She then paused her kiss and looked at his eyes with immense passion her eyers glittering in tears locking deep into his eyes.Her lips still in the shape of kissing, she said in a soft tone"Thanks Evin.I love u.".Evin not replying anything just resumed her kissing by pushing her closer to him and laying down with tamanna above her.

Tamanna then kissed him so fiercely and passionately giving him his slaiva which just flew from her mouth and hit him on his throat.She then moved her head up and kissed his fore head and then dripped downwards to his neck all the way kissing him. She then bit him in his neck and went town to his bare pack chest.He then kissed his bare body and grabbeed his nipples with her mouth and pinched it with her teeth.Feeling the sexiest kiss,Evin kissed tamanna's hair.When she kissed his nipples the saliva ran from there to the waist and through the pants into the boxers and drenched his boxers.She then quickly stood up and sighed him through his eyes and locked his eyes while just moving her waist.

She then took his hands to her breasts and "HHAUM" she moaned looking at his eyes as he just caressed her breasts.He then began caressing it so smoothly that it forced to tamanna to undress herself.She then was given the most softest of caresses as Evin was now playing with her boobs.He just outlined the boob with his index finger and then pressed it along the curves.He then kept his palm on her boobs and uused his thumb to just manipulate her nipples."AAH UUM For ck" moaned tamanna as she placed her fingers on his lips.He then began to caress it smoothly with his palms and touch her nipples and twist it occasionally with his fingers.

After experiencing her boobs in his hands he then moved his hands down to her sweating navel which he outlined with his hands.He then clubbed his navel to see her moan in ecstasy. She then twisted his nipples in ecstasy

Tamanna was in the pleasure of her life as she was really close now with her beloved person.She looked at the heavens in gratitude with a soft moan.Evin looked at the scotching beauty look at the skies as he caressed her navel even more.She then leaned down and planted a softest kiss with her unique wide soft lips which looked glossy at the reflection of the moonlight.WOW it was not even a kiss she just placed her hands on his chest and leaned down and just placed her lips with his lips and just rubbed her lower lips with his upper lip.It was not even for a second it was just a rub of her lips for a second but it turned him on so much."AHH" moaned so soft Evin feeling the kiss and his cock grew an inch due to it which lifted tamanna little bit who was sitting on lips.The flavor of the lips made this an extra ordinary kiss which also showed that she was the best kissa in the world.

Her hands in his chest felt so good.The occasional twists of his nipples by her hands due to his cuddling around her slim and sexiest navel turned him more and more.Still her lips was above his upper lip as she was looking at his eyes constantly just bringing him to her concern strangling him to sex with her eye sight making him to come to his feet by her looks.What can he do? he completely surrendered himself to her.She continued locking her eyes into him as she lifted her lips and kissed him at his soft charming cheeks which a pasted a trace of her lip in it.The ambiance which felt perfect for the occasion was filled with the occasional cool breeze from the swiss alps and the luscious full moon which gave a perfect look and lightings for the occasion and then the soft grassy land on which they laid.This made the kiss on his cheeks even more beautiful.She then dragged her lips form his left cheek to right cheek all the way pasting her soft lips via his lips.Once again the soft touch of his lips on her dragging lips made his cock grow even more.

After getting lifted by the growing cock she just leaned above and saw his eyes and talked through her eyes.Her eyes told him that she had been lifted by his growing cock even more with a slight smile with her lips tilting at one side and that she wants more.She then leaned down again and rubbed her nose with his nose in happiness and signing him that she wants more.Shen then kissed him at his forehead and leaned her head up and started to rotate her navel waiting for his next move while locking her eyes into hers.He then locking his eyes into hers said "I want that once more" in a soft and husky tone.She then leaned down again showing her whole body coming towards his eyes with his hands on her waist.This time she rubbed her upper lips in his lower lips.

But this time he was unable to bear it as he dragged his hands from her waist through her shirt and grabbed her hair and pushed her towards him and planted a huge kiss at her lips.She then welcomed it with a smooch which he also began to do.She then laid on his body fully and started smooching deeply.He kissed her lips just kept on kissing.She then let her tongue out and started caressing his lower lips with her tongue.Then he let his tongue out and caressed her upper lip until their tongues met each other after which they just licked their tongues so coherently letting each others tongue inside their mouth and sharing their saliva to one another.Her wide lips were able to swallow his lips which then went inside played with his tongue inside her gorgeous cave which was opening and receiving his tongue.

All the way during their smooching it was not only their mouths playing but also their hands.His hands which was dragged to her hair experienced the curves and sweats and her bare back.His hands were inside her shirt and through her collar to her hair.His hands experienced the most impressive body design in the world as it rubbed her navel and bare back which was sweating due to the experience they are having now.His fingers automatically surrounded her curvy long thin hairs and started caressing it while his other hand was happy staying on her waist and just pushing her closer to his body. While his hands were playing her hands were placed deeply on his shoulders making sex marks on his shoulders.Her nails were carving sculptures in his shoulders as they both were kissing passionately and ferociously.Her hands were pressurizing his shoulders to kiss even more which was accepted by him.

Not only their hands,their whole body was hot and was ready to be connected.The feeling of going to be loved by each one at the top most sex way and the beauty of the tamanna and their beautiful kisses and the surrounding atmosphere were enough to make them to shake their bodies. While having the smooch of their lives,Evin was unable to bear the pleasure as his waist began to move to and fro against tamanna.Tamanna's hand went down to his waist and started pinching his muscles in his pubic region.The unique thing done by tamanna gave him pain and pleasure as he was unable to bear the pain and bit her lips in ecstasy.Soon she got hold of his cock over his pants and then just pressed it.Only then the smooch was stopped as he moaned looking at the skies "AAAHH my goodness um". Then after thanking the god he locked his eyes against hers.Then there was a series of looks with their eyes which was interrupted by Evin's moan."HA UUM No dont HAA fuck taht AAH" moaned Evin.Tamanna while caressing his cocks through his pants locked his eyes and said to him"Do u love me? HMM".She moaned as he lifted her hair up which was disturbing her beautiful face.

But she didn't allow him to speak as she began to twist his clockwise and then stretched it back and then pushed it down and pulled it up and said "I love fucking love u today man HHHHM" tears went down her eyes as she began to shag his cock even more faster and faster.She stretched it,pinched it,jerked it,pulled it and pushed it down to make him happy.But Evin was in cloud heaven moaning loudly out of his throat due to the pleasure he was getting.He saw tamanna's face which grew his cock even more.After hearing tamanna speak he was not in a position to speak as he being pleasured by her so he leaned down and pushed her towards him while he was being jerked by her and planted a kiss.Tamanna accepted the kiss and started shagging even faster in happiness.He after kissing saw her eyes glittering in pleasure and licked the tears out of her cheeks.He then quickly grabbed her shirt by her waist and then removed it.After removing her shirt he was able to see her navel and cleavage clearly which was sweating as if they were kept in a burner.But he was unable to react as she was shagging his cock and caressed it so nicely that he didn't want to leave it.

But with all his courage he touched her navel and lifted her up and made her sit on his chest while she was jerking his cock.He then held her face of her cheeks just gliding her hair to the said with one hand and caressed her navel with the other.He then glided his hand on her navel up and then slid it to her neck and caressed her collar bone.His hands were roaming around her neck while his eyes were pleading something to her.Knowing his intend,she approved it by dragging his hands onto her breasts and begged him to caress it with her eyes. He quickly brought both his hands and felt the first touch of both the breasts. His fingers then automatically started to press against her boobs ad felt the soft touch of the most whitest breasts a women has had.Tammana being touched so softly raised her eyebrow and closed his eyes in ecstasy as she began to slow down her jerk.Then both of them began to caress their parts in accordance. Even though they were caressing slowly it gave more pleasure than that is got by fast caressing.Tamanna's waist began to move against his waist as he also moved his waist to and fro.New flow of breasts were exchanged.

Then both of them began to caress their parts in accordance. Even though they were caressing slowly it gave more pleasure than that is got by fast caressing.Tamanna's waist began to move against his waist as he also moved his waist to and fro.New flow of breaths were exchanged.He moved his hands against her breasts.Those two balls were pink and fit and tight which were ready to be squeezed after the squeezing done by the rogue guys.Tamanna was looking at the skies searching for the god as his fingers started to play her nipples.Without wasting anymore time he twisted her nipples with his hungry fingers which created a soft moan but a long moan from tamanna.She pinched his cock in ecstasy and sighed him begging him to do it even more.He then raised himself above and reached for her boobs and licked the breasts with his tongue spreading a paste of saliva on it."HHMMM Evin i need you"moaned tamanna as he began to explore her breast while tweaking the other one with his fingers."Slurp" he was licking the soft white skins that made the breasts so passionately as if it was his duty to pay her back the kisses she had given her.His mouth just rubbed and dragged across her breasts and then slipped down to her nipples as his lips was placed against her erect and poking lips.His fingers which were twisting her nipples clockwise stretched the nipples and did a couple of sexy moves to make her cum now itself.

But tamanna was holding her cum not wanting to go off the pleasure.His lips slapped against her nipples and revolved around the dotted circles around her nipples."HHAA HUMM Dig in more i love it Evin" moaned tamanna in a soft tone.The full glowing moon the lake nearby the occasional breeze flown from the alps turned them even more as they wanted to stick their bodies even more closer to maintain their body temperature.Quickly both of them stood on their knees but he kept on licking her nipples as she also kept on stroking.Tamanna removed the button in his jeans and dragged his cloth and threw it out of the tent.She also did the same for the boxers.She then resumed her shagging.The first touch of her fingers on his cock made him to pause his sucking and stare at her as if cursing her for tormenting him which allowed him to change the breasts. "AAAAAH it's fuck UMM good" moaned tamanna which was joined with a moan from Evin.She then pulled his cock and let it to and fro making it act like a spring.

He now licked the other breasts and around swallowed some muscles by sucking it.She then licked the nipples with his tongue and began to caress her nipples.Tamanna then touched his cock head and his hands were now spread with his precum juices which she applied it on her left breast and tapped it across her breasts.She could feel her milky nipples mix with his hot cum."I HHM want more Evin" moaned tamanna in a husky tone. He then quickly removed her panty and started rubbing his fingers across her pussy just to tease her."AAAAAH dont do that AAAH please no UUM Put it in HHM" moaned tamanna begging him to fingerfuck her.But he was licking her breasts and sucking her nipples very hard wanting more and more milk from her like a hungry pup.He was pushed further down her boob by her hands as she wanted the maximum she could take from.She was in a verge of attaining a sexual fuck with him.Both of them stared at their faces occasionaly just giving themselves a sexy tempting looks to arouse themselves

Evin touched her pussy and started excersing some moves over her pussy lips as she began to moan in pleasure bringing his head more closer to her boobs by pushing him.The more he licked and the sucked her boobs the more faster his fingers pierced through her pussy.Her sweet pinkish pussy lips were hard to stick his hands on as his hands slipped a several times often when tamanna would give a unique moan to make him try again.After trying a couple of times he got hold of her pussy lips as he slid an another finger into her pussy making her moan in a high tone.He was licking her milfy boobs as much he can and especially he played with the rarest nipples in India,the pinkish red one whihc was slapped by his tongue and then tickled also.Tamanna's mouth was open letting the cold air inside her mouth as she felt the pain of being bit in her nipples but the pleasure overwhelmed her.

But Evin loved the way her curly hair would fall on her nipples.He then took her curly brownish black hair along with the nipples and licked with his tongue for which tamanna clucked.Her curly which always rests on her shoulder which was an icing on the cake part of tamanna.She released her grip on his head and let him to have her breasts which gave her an unique pleasure as Evin bit her nipples and stretched it a little bit to see her moan.He also hit her pussy with his fingers as tamanna's hands went to guide his hands where to strike her pussy."AAAAH harder UUUM Evin" moaned Tamanna as she pleaded him to push his fingers deep inside her pussy by stretching her pink pussy lips.
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Anushka Shetty Grapsed my Cock

Just then, Anushka suddenly reached out grasped my cock with her bare hand and proceeded to walk.

"Follow me." she said as I moaned loudly to her touch.

My cock literally pulsated in her hand as she led me over to the couch and instructed I take a seat.

"Why don't you take a seat and get comfortable?" she offered. "I want you to watch me, while I watch you."

"God yes!" I exclaimed. "You've got such a pretty little pussy, Anushka."

I then watched her lift up her legs and sit in a crouched position on the sofa beside me, her knees up against her chest. There she dropped her hand between her legs and slowly explored her pristine snatch with two fingers, all the while as I sat there beating my meat.

"Oh yes, let me see that pretty pussy." I panted. "Spread it open like that. Mm, so pink and wet inside."

To my delight, her face soon went blank as she clearly began to revel in the feel of her exploring digits.

"God, I bet it tastes so sweet too." I added.

"Uh-huh, sure does. But you'll never find out." she teased. "Besides, that's not what you're here for."

"No? What am I here for, then?"

"So I can watch you beat off." she quipped. "It's only fair, right?"

"Arghh God!" I growled in frustration. "That's so fucking cruel. God, look at that pussy!"

"Please, can I just lick it once?" I implored. "Please?"

"No. Just keep stroking that cock." she said sternly, "Is that cock getting nice and hard for me, huh?"

At this point I thought I was going to scream. I couldn't remember my prick being so hard or sensitive as it was.

"Arghh!" I admitted, "So fucking hard right now, thanks to you."

"Good, just keep doing that." she instructed. "I want to watch you."

"Man... look how fucking hard you've got my dick right now." I boasted as I gripped the base to emphasize my length and thickness.

"Hmm, it certainly is, isn't it?" she replied softly.

I could see her eyes hungrily studying my piece.

"See how big it is?" I emphasized.

"I bet you want to come soon, don't you?" she smiled coyly.

"Mm, I want you to suck on my cock." I heard myself say unconsciously, making her immediately blush.

"I want to see those full soft lips wrapped around it." I added. "And squirt my load all over those tits."

"Oh, I'm sure you do." she snickered to herself. "—but it's not going to happen."

Nevertheless, as she declined my advances she continued to sit there Indian style, casually caressing her sex.

"God, I want to slide this thing into your pussy." I confessed, watching as her mere rubbing of the clit now changed to dipping a single digit into her clam.

"Uh-huh." She simply nodded, as she delved her forefinger deep inside her gleaming bald cunt.

"—and I wanna pull out and shoot all over those beautiful fucking tits." I repeated once again. "I want to spray my goo all over that pussy, those tits, that pretty mouth of yours."

"Wow," she smirked. "Is that what you think about whenever you watch my movies?"

"God yes." I confessed. "Everyone does."

"Hmm, dirty little boy." she cooed.

Meanwhile, as I sat stroking my cock and describing in great detail what I wanted to do to her, I also noticed that her knees had slowly drifted apart, and she now say there impaling her cunt with her legs spread open, her eyes never leaving my shiny sword.

Noting her intent gaze, I finally commented, "Is this the biggest cock you've ever seen?"

The question seemed to catch her off guard and annoy her.

"No!" she retorted defensively, but I could tell from the expression on her face that is was true.

"God what I would do to you with this thing," I stressed. "I would fuck the shit out of you."

"Yeah?" was her only reply.

Once again Anushka and I fell silent for a moment as we enjoyed the moment we shared together. It was then I took the opportunity to try and turn the tables on her, and began to ask her a series of questions.

"You really like watching me stroke my cock for you, don't you?"

The actress refused to answer.

"Yeah, I see the way you're staring at it—licking you lips, imagining what it would feel like in the back of your throat."

To my amusement I then watched as she inadvertently licked her lips and swallowed hard, clearly contemplating it.

"Hmm yeah," she suddenly spoke. "I bet you want me to suck it, don't you?"

The mere suggestion caused my cock to twitch noticeably in my hand, surprising her by dick control.

"Jack it off harder—yeah." she smirked. "Do it you dirty little pervert. I want to see you come."

With that Anushka licked her fingers and placed one hand around her gleaming sex and opened her delicate lips to reveal the pink inside.

"Yeah, get it nice and hard." she directed. "Do it nice and slow, like I told you earlier—and really play with it."

I happily obliged and soon watched in wonder as her fingers proceeded to make circles around her clit, causing her hood to peak. She was clearly getting off on the mutual masturbation show, as was I.

"Yeah, like this?" I offered, as I massaged my cock head with the palm of my slick hand.

"Mm yeah, it's turning me on watching you do it that way." she purred, "Nice and slow. You're making my pussy nice and wet."

Just then, I gasped as she gently eased two of her petite fingers into her sodden wet cunt for the very first time. At this point I was so hard that my cock obscenely pointed straight up towards the ceiling proudly.

"You're getting really turned on watching me finger myself, aren't you?"

"Yes. God I want to fuck her. Can I fuck you, Anushka?"

"No—" she almost moaned. "But I bet you wish you could."

"Hell yes! You're so beautiful, Jess. One of the sexiest women I have ever seen!"

"I bet you wish you could slide that thing all the way inside me, huh?" she teased me cruelly. "And shoot your load?"

"Ugh Jesus!" I exclaimed. "I'm ready to shoot a load right now."

"I bet you are, but you can't."

"What? Huh?" I groaned, "Oh God."

I then watched as she stuffed her two digits deep inside her glistening cunt again, and fiddling them around inside, squirmed sexily to the action.

"God, how's that feel?" I let out. "It looks amazing."

"Hmm, you're making my pussy really wet," she smirked, before she absolutely and utterly took my breath away with her next comment.

"So what are you gonna do about it?"

My jaw almost dropped to the floor.

"Come here." I immediately said without missing a beat, "—and stroke my cock for me."

To my delight Anushka didn't hesitate and she keenly crawled over to my position on the couch and cheekily brushed her fingers up my thighs before she ultimately reached for my manhood.

"Hmm OK, just a little." she stated, as she gingerly grasped my cock with her delicate hand and proceeded to stroke me.

Kneeling naked and on all fours beside me, Anushka's face now hovered mere inches away from my cock as she stroked it her way—firmly and slowly.

"Oh baby, that feels so good." I moaned, as she stared into my eyes for any reaction and seductively pouted her lips.

"Are you going to come?"

"So close right now." I told her, "So fucking close."

I then added, "Are you going to kiss it?"

"Hmm, maybe?" she said while flashing that million dollar smile. "Maybe just a little?"

"Are you ready?" she teased.

With that she mischievously speared out her tongue and tentatively licked the side of my bell head like an ice cream cone, causing my eyes to immediately roll into the back of my head.

Shetty continued to timidly brush the flat of her tongue all around the head of my cock without making any contact with her lips. While this technique certainly looked hot, it also drove me absolutely crazy, as I eagerly waited to see her finally suck me.

"I bet you love the way my hands feel wrapped around your cock right now?" she cooed.

I could barely respond, my head still spinning.

"My mouth is nice and wet right now." she added.

"Are you going to suck my cock or what?" I snapped impatiently.

"No, you don't deserve it." she teased. "You don't deserve my nice wet mouth wrapped around your lovely penis."

"Why not?"

"You deserve beating off in the hallway and watching me get off."

"Oh come on." I almost moaned. "You're so fucking sexy."

"I know." she smugly replied.

"Please, suck my cock." I begged.


"Please." I implored. "I'm going to lose my fucking mind."

Just then, Anushka suddenly built up some spit in her mouth and without warning erotically drooled her saliva all over my penis.

Sucking up her spit she grinned, "I'm just going to kiss it a little more, if that's alright with you?"

The women was a Grade-A cock tease, and I watched in wonder as she wrapped her delicate fingers entirely around the bell head of my penis and leaned over to lick the tip again. This time however, she circled the dome with her tongue, before she finally relented and wrapped her soft lips around it, incasing it briefly.

There, she suckled it gently into her warm mouth and offered it a beautiful kiss.

"Oh fuck yes—finally." I groaned intensely.

"Mm, you like that?" she cooed as she kissed it again, her full luscious lips making a sweet soft smooching sound.

Anushka turned her head to the side as she then speared out her incredibly long tongue and flicked the underside of my cock-head. And like some sort of Jedi mind trick I heard myself immediately apologize for my earlier behavior.

"Oh God," I heard myself groan. "I'm so sorry. I never should have spied on you."

*SMOOCH * was the sound of her full lips lovingly kissing my cock flesh.

"Yes you shouldn't have," she smiled sweetly. "You're paying for it now though, aren't you?"


"Please." I begged. "Can you just suck my dick? Please, slide it in your mouth the entire way."

"No." Anushka refused, but despite her words I then watched as her mouth slowly and steadily swallowed my tool.

"Ooh yes— there you go." I moaned as her head then proceeded to bob up and down.

With that Anushka stroked my shaft with her hand as her head moved in unison.

"God you look good with a cock in your mouth." I smirked as I watched the Hollywood starlet hungrily devour my cock.

Anushka groaned softly before she proceeded to pivot her head on the upstroke and turned her face to the side to allow my penis to press and bulge against the side of her cheek. It was the sexiest thing I had ever seen.

Slipping me out of her warm mouth for a moment, she then returned to polishing my pole like an ice cream cone.

"Is that what you want?" she teased. "You like me sucking your big fat cock?"

"Fuck. I've been dreaming about this my entire life."

Just then, Anushka gripped the base with her hand and began to swallow me again—this time with great enthusiasm, almost burying her head in my lap.

"Mmm—nghhh—nhh!" she noised, "I just love sucking cock!"

"I see that—Jesus!" I moaned, taken aback by her sudden change in demeanor.

Over the course of several minutes, the stunning Latina alternated between swallowing my cock and leisurely licking my head and shaft. She seemed to thoroughly enjoy it.

"Can you lick my balls?" I finally suggested.

Without hesitating, Shetty pointed my cock up towards my belly and keenly brushed the flat of her tongue against my tight sac. I immediately sighed as she in turn cooed softly. Ultimately, she licked her way back up the length of my shaft and took my head back into her warm mouth, and began to twist her head from side to side.

She then picked up the pace, and while staring up into my eyes the entire time, sucked me keenly and bobbed her head up and down. At the very top she then inhaled sharply and sucked in some spit, before she dribbled it down and all over my aching rod.

Her blowjob now seemed to increase in ferocity and was considerably noisier than before, as she suddenly seemed determined to suck me to completion. Meanwhile, I had other ideas flashing through my mind.

"Oh fuck yes!" I groaned audibly as I watched her blow me keenly. "You want to climb on top of that cock?"

To my delight she paused for a moment before she smiled, "Sure, OK."

The starlet then gripped my tool and instructed me to straighten my legs as she carefully moved to straddle me on the couch. There I watched as she guided my member towards her gleaming entrance and carefully impaled herself.

My mind was reeling from the sensation of finally penetrating her. As much as I had fantasized about it in the past, nothing could prepare me for the actual occurrence.

"Oh God, look how good that looks." I told her, as she slowly impaled herself.

To my amusement Anushka was unable to take my full length and instead now hovered over me as she wiggled her hips and grew accustom to the incursion. I then watched in glee as she reached down to part her lips with her fingers and gently eased a few extra inches into her cunt.

Anushka giggled for the first time that evening, finding the sudden set of circumstances amusing. I dare say she never have imagined she could be banging a concierge, and that I would be so well endowed.

I still maintain that it was the biggest penis she had ever seen, much less experienced. In the meanwhile, Anushka gripped my arms for support and gently began to rock her hips back and forth, attempting to ease herself completely onto my python.

Taking three quarters of my length inside her, she moaned softly to herself before she withdrew swiftly on the upswing and then descended slowly again. She repeated this process several times before she consumed a couple more inches.

"Nnnhh yeah—" she moaned, still taken aback at my girth.

I too could only moan as she tried to adjust herself and finally seemed to get the gist of it and began to ride my pole persistently.

Her body started to perspire when I suggested she stop and lean back so I could look at her entire body and face as she rode me. The actress was more than accommodating and soon began to moan audibly as she wiggled her hips and fucked me.

"Mmmhhh—like that?" she moaned. "—Ooh! You wanna watch me take that cock?"

Her breasts bounced wildly as more of my length slipped deeper inside her—causing her to moan louder and louder with each thrust.

"Mmmphhhffff—fuck yeah!" she let out loudly. "Ooh!! Ahhh—oh yeah!"

Anushka quickly proceeded to grunt and shriek loudly as I began to fill her completely.

"Mmhhhh—yeah FUCK ME!! Ooh! FUCKKK MEEE!!"

It was then at the height of our euphoria that my cock inadvertently slipped out, causing us both to grunt out loudly in frustration.

"Mm... get that big cock back inside my pussy!" she insisted, as I took the opportunity to smack my meat against her wet cunt.

Anushka leaned right over and wrapped her arms around my neck and moaned into my ear as she moved her hips.

"Oh, I like this position... fuck me baby—" she demanded, "Make me come!"

I gripped her by the hips and proceeded to thrust up into her. To my shock and humiliation, I was only capable of fucking her for a few short moments before I suddenly began to erupt deep inside her womb, filling her with my seed and spurting so intensely that we both grunted and grimaced together.

Truth be told I was more shocked and disappointed then she was, and I reluctantly withdrew and attempted to clean myself up as she simply lay there smirking smugly to herself.

"I better get back to work." was the only thing I could think of saying.

Anushka lay there goggled at me as I fumbled with my clothes, my cock still leaking semen.

"By the way, here," Anushka smiled as she threw me her panties. "You can keep them as a keepsake."

Clearing her throat, she then proceeded to tie back her hair and got up from the couch.

"OK well, get out." she finally said callously without looking at me. "I want to finish my bath."

I stood dumbfounded as she casually sauntered back down the hall and into the bathroom.

"What a bitch." I smirked to myself. "But god was it well worth it."